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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 8  
The Complete Nutshell
Who’d’ve thought that twerp would turn out to be evil. Wow. You think you know a filly.  
Thus, Season Eight comes to a close. GOOD RIDDANCE. This season had more leaks than an onion farm!
And all those new creature types! Yak, Hippogriff, Changeling, Kirin… Do you know how long that takes!?
Things to note/not write me about: I couldn’t cram each and every reference, for I do not have a strong will. And as usual, I won’t be doing those of the previous seasons before 5. And now, the cheatsheet.
The References, officially:  
1 & 2. The School of Friendship, Chancellor Neighsay, Photo Finish, Smolder, Yona  
3. Cardboard Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Mudbriar, Geode of Epiphany  
4. Multiple Personality Fluttershy, Sandbar  
5. Las Pegasus Showmares Granny Smith, Apple Rose, Auntie Applesauce and Goldie Delicious  
6. Silversteam, Terramar and Seapony Scootaloo  
7. Princess Celestia, Trixie Fireworks, Marshmallow Sun, Celestia Fluttershy, Playwright Twilight Sparkle and Director Spike  
8. Gallus, Goth Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Stellar Flare and Firelight  
9. Teachers of the Month Rainbow Dash and Applejack  
10. Wailing Big McIntosh, Sugar Belle, Sweetie Belle and Delivery Mare Derpy Hooves  
11. Winged Spike, Director Ocellus  
12. Cozy Glow, Honorary Friendship Graduate Apple Bloom. Empathy Cocoa.  
13. Queen Chrysalis as Shutterbug  
14. Yovidaphone Yona, Steve Buscemi Discord  
15. Gakked Gallus, Sandbar on Mop  
16. Twilight Sparkle as Eyepatch, Plainity Rarity, Friendship U Flim & Flam  
17. Azurantium trial (this was a pretty uneventful episode)  
18. Yovidaphone Yona  
19. Dishevelled Trixie and her caravan  
20. Wonderbolt Spitfire lectures Washout Lightning Dust THROUGH A STRAW  
21. Naval Rockhoof  
22. Princess Smolder, Tree of Harmony Twilight Sparkle  
23. Autumn Blaze THE BEST KIRIN  
24. Deadbeat Dad Sludge  
25 & 26. Tirek and Cozy Glow. Cymbal Monkey Pinkie Pie
safe1753854 artist:dm291668 apple bloom51096 apple rose325 applejack173553 auntie applesauce309 autumn blaze4013 big macintosh28864 chancellor neighsay666 cozy glow7739 crackle cosette289 derpy hooves50815 discord31871 firelight442 flam2186 flim2274 fluttershy217562 gallus6998 goldie delicious390 granny smith5442 jack hammer49 lightning dust4611 lord tirek5420 maud pie12747 mudbriar823 ocellus5452 pinkie pie220492 princess celestia96868 queen chrysalis35517 rainbow dash238912 rarity185896 rockhoof1166 sandbar5613 scootaloo51973 silverstream6310 sludge (dragon)356 smolder8249 spike80589 spitfire13715 starlight glimmer49864 stellar flare1265 sugar belle3216 sunburst7019 sweetie belle49770 terramar815 trixie68811 twilight sparkle306548 yona5233 alicorn233400 centaur3572 changedling8798 changeling49922 classical hippogriff5120 draconequus12879 dragon58824 earth pony267292 griffon28027 hippogriff10165 kirin9310 pegasus310333 pony1013513 seapony (g4)5267 unicorn343637 yak4753 a matter of principals1115 a rockhoof and a hard place809 fake it 'til you make it1096 father knows beast895 friendship university731 grannies gone wild841 horse play936 marks for effort1173 molt down871 non-compete clause732 road to friendship1606 school daze2816 school raze2363 sounds of silence3371 surf and/or turf780 the break up breakdown701 the end in friend703 the hearth's warming club911 the maud couple759 the mean 61684 the parent map1073 the washouts (episode)1152 what lies beneath1613 yakity-sax776 adorabloom2950 adorasmith100 alternate hairstyle29141 apple shed13 awwtumn blaze755 azurantium53 backwards ballcap924 baseball cap2195 big macintosh's yoke92 bipedal36259 bow30058 camera4095 cap4828 cardboard maud18 chair7124 chocolate3445 classroom1691 clothes476995 cloven hooves10630 construction pony79 cosplay28527 costume28610 cowboy hat17277 cozybetes1242 cute206083 cutealoo2954 cutefire227 cutehoof16 cutie mark49872 cutie mark crusaders19343 diaocelles1060 diapinkes10300 diastreamies1212 diasweetes2991 diatrixes3224 director spike23 director's chair87 discute1041 disguise4989 disguised changeling2814 dragoness9011 dunce hat91 dustabetes96 edgelight glimmer156 eea rulebook84 empathy cocoa222 eyepatch3097 eyepatch (disguise)100 eyes on the prize5578 female1404718 filly69829 fishing rod387 flim flam brothers1271 fluttergoth865 flying39510 food73158 gallabetes863 geode98 glimmer goth33 gold horseshoe gals70 hair bow16426 hat90614 helmet11252 hipstershy288 hot chocolate1268 i mean i see508 it's not a phase84 it's not a phase mom it's who i am13 jewelry68648 kickline12 leaking1866 levitation12599 macabetes542 magic75545 male389014 mare503587 marshmallow1365 maudbriar257 monkey swings1329 necklace20633 neighsaybetes12 plainity308 princess smolder193 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency480 rainbow4747 rocket839 sandabetes712 school of friendship1310 seaponified2703 seapony scootaloo196 severeshy275 shipping206024 showgirl136 shylestia172 smolderbetes1193 species swap20713 spikabetes2089 stallion116155 stellarbetes19 steve buscemi32 sticks37 straight140583 straw2037 student six1663 sugarbetes199 sunbetes295 swimming2416 telekinesis28803 terrabetes52 the cmc's cutie marks4777 the meme continues62 the story so far of season 812 this is my final form25 tirebetes208 toy interpretation275 treelight sparkle206 trixie's rocket113 trixie's wagon1129 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126327 vine1341 wagon950 wall of tags3675 winged spike8556 wings123697 yonadorable781 yovidaphone203


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Background Pony #C0AD
You could probably find a place in the sky somewhere to add the reindeers from the Best Gift Ever.
Background Pony #C0AD
@Background Pony #8A55
And they could have him next season. It’s odd enough they made a completely new opening for only two seasons. It would be even odder if it was only for this season and they made a new one next season (the school is much too prominent in the opening to ignore).
Background Pony #0FE6
@Background Pony #11CC  
Plus, since it is the last season, there is still a lot of dangling threads to wrap up without wasting a bunch of episodes on a few students. Plus they’d be useless against an actual serious threat like Tirek, Sombra, or Cry.
Background Pony #0FE6
No offense to the young six, but I hope they fade into the background in season 9. With their addition, ponies like Luna, Zecora, and Cadence have been reduced to almost nothing. Seriously, Luna only had a small numbers of lines in only 1 EPISODE this season.
Not to mention Shining Armor hasn’t appeared at all.
When Starlight was added, she helped bring other ponies to the screen more often, like Trixie and Maud. That’s where the Young six have seriously failed .

Twilight is best pony
The funny thing is how well that “F” dunce hat fits for Cozy Glow even in light of the S8 finale. Back when you originally drew it, it was because Cozy Glow was afraid she’d fail her friendship classes. Now, it’s because she really did fail friendship, in the worst way possible.
Background Pony #C71D
Don’t forget the upcoming MLP Holiday Special “The Best Gift Ever”.