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part 2 of the story started by the last pic

ocellus and sandbar watched as the rings of the machine reached top speed, the machine tearing open space itself, and a streak of blue and yellow emerging from the portal… IT WAS GALLUS! after several passionate kisses between the griffon and his pony lover and a lot of catching up about the past year they went to go see a movie at a local cinema, ocellus of course had a hard time focusing because of the admittedly arousing sounds of a pony and griffon making out throughout the ENTIRE film. after that of course the three of them went back to their apartment that ocellus found and promptly moved into.. the three of them formed a rather stable love triangle and had immediately started planning on how to bring their other friends into the reality they currently resided in
safe (1502717) artist:ma3a (53) derpibooru exclusive (22317) gallus (5139) ocellus (4088) queen chrysalis (30792) sandbar (4243) changedling (6599) changeling (36361) earth pony (172992) griffon (22992) pony (779901) 3d (56285) bisexual (3977) cinema (344) claws (4146) eyes closed (73774) female (827008) gallbar (397) gallbarlus (10) gay (23943) gay in front of girls (329) interspecies (19600) kissing (21309) love (4023) love triangle (372) machine saga timeline (18) making out (501) male (282202) movie (665) ocelbar (89) paws (3837) shipping (174541) source filmmaker (33595) teenager (3709)


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Wow, the description gave me a relief because when I first saw the picture I taught that Ocellus is worried about who will be banging her since the boys had fallen into each other.
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friendly art program
Holy mother of faust! Not only is this the BEST like to dislike ratio my art has ever seen but it is also the most likes any one of my pics has had! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! It means a lot to me to know that so many people enjoy my art!!
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