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Original design: >>1608446
The Dark Side of the Alicorn Princesses
The Canterlot Wedding didn’t count because that was Queen Chrysalis.
It’s too early for Flurry Heart.
safe1945123 edit154382 edited screencap78593 screencap257166 daybreaker3383 nightmare moon18744 princess cadance36363 princess celestia104116 princess luna108273 sci-twi28484 twilight sparkle329978 alicorn269603 human197937 bloom and gloom1088 equestria girls230706 friendship games13783 friendship is magic3363 princess spike (episode)756 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2854 twilight's kingdom3396 alter ego72 avengers: age of ultron52 corrupted3138 cropped55552 dark side135 evil3435 irl77333 irl human28212 male450162 midnight sparkle2804 odd one out6 photo88427 question mark5615 tony stark132 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137261


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Background Pony #8DB7
Until now after the show is over, we still didn’t get Cadance dark side
Background Pony #0B7F
Daybreaker represents Celestia abandoning all sense of self-control and compassion.
Nightmare Moon embodies Luna’s jealousy, resentment, and desire for recognition.
Midnight Sparkle indirectly represents Twilight being corrupted by the raw power she’s possessed even before becoming an alicorn.
So what does Cadance have that could potentially manifest into a dark side?
Background Pony #8E2D
Yup take her lust for knowledge + Mean Twilight’s lust for power + Lesson Zero Twilight’s insanity and you pretty much get Midnight’s personality and motives.
Background Pony #0C4C
soon cadance will get her own dark side! i hope she see it in a nightmare and this nightmare is so powerful, luna will need help twilight and the other! or cadance need to get over her fear fight back! hasbro a better to cook something very good! DAYBREAKER is the most Powerful and Evil of all Dark Side of all Alicorn Princess! the power of the sun is a very BIG DANGER to all who face her!
Background Pony #8E2D
You take Lesson Zero Twilight + Ponies Of Dark Water Twiight + Mean Twilight (The Mean 6) and that pretty much equates to the personality and motives of Midnight Sparkle