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Daapi Halloween Weight Gain Drive Page 2

Derpy’s about done with that batch of candy and it looks like her outfit is starting to tear just a tad. Wonder how how she’ll fill up her belly next, big gains are coming..

If you wanna keep contributing to her weight gain you can head over to my kofi and give her some more sweets and pounds.

If you havn’t seen the first post you can click here and it will explain everything.

More thanks to the people who have already sent any mons over.
suggestive143185 artist:graphenescloset677 derpy hooves50182 series:daapi halloween weight gain drive6 absurd resolution66251 aderpose220 belly28524 bubble butt682 candy6932 clothes460173 costume27460 eating9620 fat22146 female1364524 food70204 huge belly3596 huge butt9875 incentive drive221 large butt16795 messy eating1191 morbidly obese7872 nightmare night4702 nightmare night costume1575 obese11579 plot79096 rear view12056 ripping clothes709 socks66423 solo1065265 striped socks21422 torn clothes4865 weight gain4270


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Mmmfff nice sexy big bubble bum she has! Graphene i hope that we'll get to see her big belly and her belly button when she lies down on her back! >//////< <3 <3 <3