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Color edit of >>1773245
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suggestive143196 artist:reiduran1297 color edit7662 colorist:ironhades320 edit132699 adagio dazzle12898 equestria girls200701 rainbow rocks18286 bedroom eyes59435 bottomless13655 breasts278053 clothes460217 colored19483 female1364665 gradient background12643 legs8332 looking at you168909 sexy29474 simple background394032 smiling248948 solo1065346 solo female179938 thighs13689


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Artist -

She looks…comfy, and huggable, like she could just curl up with you on a couch. There's also something intimate and welcoming about the way she wears the shirt, like she's always ready for some lovin', and enjoys the feel of a single loose layer over her beautiful, curvaceous body.