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Shiny and Aurora were getting out of the restaurant, saying goodbye to their friends. They were going to some place, that even them didn't know where it is, they were just going to somewhere. While the two were talking about some series that they liked, Shiny sees a familiar but not too familiar pony, they didn't see each other for… two years…? Yeah, two years.

Shiny was scared, calm and serious at the same time, she just didn't know how to react to that. Shiny remembred of her past memories, it was very good, but still… very awful. Aurora sees the scared look of the pony and tries to know what happend

Aurora Apple: Shiny? What happend?
Shiny Star: ….. It's just… that mare over there…

Aurora looks front and sees a pink unicorn. She didn't know who it is her, but that cutie mark… she remembred of one thing that Shiny said one day, about this same cutie mark

Aurora Apple: Her?… She have a familiar cutie mark, didn't she?
Shiny Star: Yes, you know who it is, I telled you one time….. it's her…

The unicorn was so angry at that pony, she barely knew her but still. Aurora run, trying to yell at her for what she did to Shiny, while the purple unicorn tried to stop her, but it was too late for it, now it's just look at what she'll do

The pink mare was saying goodbye to a friend that run away, she started to walk home but Aurora jumped in front of her, getting more angry

Aurora Apple: So it was YOU!!!
??????: W-what?! What the hell did I did?!
Aurora Apple: You know!! Two years ago, you destroyed a girl's heart!! SHINY STAR'S HEART!!
??????: O-oh Shiny, I know who is her, that's- ah….. h-hi again, S-Shiny Star…
Aurora Apple: Huh?

Shiny was seeing the scene and sees her, the mare who broke her heart into pieces… but that was two years ago, she's okay now, I think. Shiny helped the mare to get up again, just to talk to her, like the old times

Shiny Star: Hello, it's cool to see you again, Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb: Shiny, it were a lot of time that I didn't see you… I'm sorry about that in the first place oka- Shiny places hoof in her lips
Shiny Star: Ssshhhhhh… I know you would say that, and I forgive you about that, it was two years ago, I don't care about that anymore smiles
Cherry Bomb: Oh Celestia thanks! And who is that mare with you? points to Aurora
Shiny Star: Blushes a little Ah she is my gi-…best friend, Aurora Apple, daugther of Applejack and Starlight Glimmer
Cherry Bomb: Oh! So I see that the two still best friends! Hi I'm Cherry Bomb! But you can call me Cherry! Shiny talked a lot about you! places hoof to a hoof shake
Aurora Apple: Accept hoof shake Hello! I'm Aurora Apple, but you can call me Aurora! And I'm sorry for the first impression, I'm just too over-protective about her…
Cherry Bomb: Nah it's okay I understand it, whispers I can see that you really like her heh…
Aurora Apple: S-shut up Cherry! gives a weak punch and the two laughs
Shiny Star: Haha! It's good to see that you two are actually getting well!
Cherry Bomb: Yeah me too! But now I really need to tell you one thing….. I don't know if it's good but still, I need to tell you this…
Shiny Star: So what is it?
Cherry Bomb: I had a baby two years ago…… and the baby it's yours too……


(ShinyAurora stills canon 'til the end, but I wanted to do that too so yeah :/)

Cherry Bomb is the daugther of Tempest Shadow and Bombom, and she is a guard like her mother (later I'll talk more about her bc I'm lazy)
so yea

Shinyverse and characters belongs to me
Base: Mlp Base#83 by Frozen-heart667
background: I forget it ._.
safe1576340 artist:frozen-heart6673 artist:geekcoffee31 oc605435 oc only409953 oc:aurora apple9 oc:cherry bomb101 pony846365 unicorn266535 base used15791 boop6856 description is relevant771 female899945 freckles25451 glowing horn16677 magical lesbian spawn10749 mare415882 next generation6127 noseboop2590 offspring34462 on top1055 parent:applejack3273 parent:bon bon282 parent:starlight glimmer1148 parent:tempest shadow1953 parents:glimmerjack19 scar10459 story included7764 threatening289


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