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another ng universe
and I don't care about it :3

(I still need to work on them, maybe change some names, add some things idk ._. and it will be others but for a while, its just that)
I'll just put some important facts because I'm lazy :/

(L to R)

Shiny Star

- Her parents are Twilight and Cheerilee
- Has a twin brother
- In a love triangle with Sunrise Confetti and Aurora Apple
- Loves literature, internet and making lists
- Smart, kind and shy
- Lesbian

Sunrise Confetti

- Her parents are Pinkie and Sunburst
- Loves magic and baking
- In love with Shiny Star and is "rival" of Aurora Apple
- Loves coffee and internet too
- Energetic, friendly and flirty
- Lesbian

Aurora Apple

- Her parents are Applejack and Starlight
- Is a detective
- In love with Shiny Star and is "rival" of Sunrise Confetti
- Really best friend of Violet Parfait
- Honest, protective and strong
- Bisexual

Violet Parfait

- Her parents are Rarity and Coco
- Loves fashion and make up
- Probably is in love with Aurora Apple
- Sometimes sad when think about Aurora and Shiny together
- Caring, generous and flirty
- Pansexual

Yeah is just that '-'

The main story of this ng is that love triangle and some other things about it
So yeah its just that bye :3

Shinyverse and characters belongs to me
Base: F2U Pony Bases by Strawberry-Spritz
safe1574082 artist:geekcoffee31 artist:strawberry-spritz108 oc604144 oc only409364 oc:aurora apple9 oc:shiny star7 oc:sunrise confetti3 oc:violet parfait2 earth pony198494 pony844726 unicorn265703 base used15744 female898068 freckles25386 grin32901 hoof on chin417 magical lesbian spawn10701 mare414947 next generation6098 offspring34328 parent:applejack3262 parent:cheerilee367 parent:coco pommel169 parent:pinkie pie3582 parent:rarity3563 parent:starlight glimmer1138 parent:sunburst868 parent:twilight sparkle7306 parents:cheerilight10 parents:glimmerjack19 parents:marshmallow coco22 raised hoof39254 simple background345172 smiling214644 white background86987


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