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safe (1526805) artist:tjpones (3006) pinkie pie (198811) spike (72536) twilight sparkle (274889) dragon (44651) earth pony (181092) pony (801627) unicorn (244898) sparkles! the wonder horse! (85) friendship is magic (2394) black and white (11151) comic (97551) dialogue (56845) eye contact (6006) female (851518) frown (20940) grayscale (34133) lidded eyes (23129) lineart (18128) looking at each other (14979) male (289681) mare (390096) monochrome (142838) mud pony (89) no pupils (3207) open mouth (116499) pointing (3519) pony racism (44) racism (911) raised hoof (36682) scene interpretation (7420) simple background (326166) smiling (203298) text (46523) trio (6749) twibitch sparkle (175) unicorn twilight (10357) white background (81796) wide eyes (15758) woonoggles (598)


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Background Pony #A4B0
silty clay loam… thanks engineering school, i understood this joke. worth it.
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
The context of this comic and how Spike relates to it is funnier when you take into account his crush on Rarity.
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Background Pony #2577
Is Twi a racist?

I don't know. Do you take everything you ever see at face value and completely seriously? You sort of seem to.