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this is actually a coded language — you use the words rarity is speaking to write, and translate those back through this to get cooresponding letters of the alphabet. Group any phrases in "parenthesis"
safe1749255 artist:docwario1006 rarity185468 bear1350 pony1009438 robot8136 robot pony3825 unicorn341836 abc9 absurd resolution67008 alphabet94 angry28037 animal costume2220 asphyxiation1558 backwards ballcap922 baseball cap2191 bipedal36168 bipedal leaning1820 blushing204427 boots22910 cap4756 charity226 christmas14153 clothes475463 costume28529 cozy202 cute205558 d.a.r.e.1 donation44 eyes closed97908 female1400823 floppy ears54447 frown23546 glasses64485 gritted teeth13185 growling384 hairity91 hat90190 holiday20425 impossibly large ears829 jar1096 k.a.r.r.1 knight rider16 leaning3730 long ears370 long mane3430 long tail2397 looking at you175467 mare501653 open mouth154015 pony in a bottle338 prone26328 pun7680 raised hoof48378 raised leg8069 raritober28 santa costume1525 santa hat6129 shiny2543 shoes38686 skateboard718 smiling260501 solo1093602 sparkles4796 speech bubble24393 standing12861 stuck2728 sunglasses15025 tan background342 trapped848 underhoof53747 visual pun1750 wall of tags3641 wat19468 wide eyes17372


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
There's something strangely adorable about Fairity here. I mean, they're all adorable, but this one's just so "normal" yet out of character. I like to think this is what Rarity would be like if she was personality-swapped to be more like Pinkie Pie. Just a regular, innocent and fun girl at a circus or something.
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Background Pony #1B78
She’s not Airity until she does a 540 McTwist. Even Tony Hawk has only landed the trick twice.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
N-Nudity (Rarity with a towel wrapped around her mane but nothing else)
O-Operarity (Rarity singing loudly while wearing the Brunhilde outfit from What's Opera, Doc?)
P-Parity (Rarity pushing one of those 1st, 2nd, 3rd place pedestals away)
Q-Query-ty (Taking a poll)
R-Rearity (Plot in your face) or REEEEEEEEEErity (angry, energetic typing)
S-Stairity (Rarity got a handrail installed in her. Silverstream looks interested in her)
T-Tarity-(Ponies and things are stuck to her)
U-Unfairity (Rarity sitting in the Scales of Justice, making the sides unbalanced)
V-Veracity (Rarity with Applejack's hat and manestyle)
W-Wereity (Rarity turning into a werewolf)
X-X-Rated-ty (Rarity glaring at the viewer saying 'you wish')
Y-Yarrity (Pirate Rarity)
Z-Zebrarity (Stripes and a Zecora-style cutie mark)