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safe1556811 edit114738 edited screencap54059 screencap195354 rarity168061 pony827930 unicorn258217 equestria girls177597 equestria girls series28045 inspiration manifestation818 the other side452 bare shoulders1674 comfort eating174 crying39645 eating8520 fabulous595 fainting couch847 female881048 food59456 grammar error1644 headphones6641 high heels9189 ice cream4441 image macro35276 magic64606 mare405012 marshmelodrama716 meme77964 rarity reacts3 rarity's peek behind the boutique4 shoes29059 sleeveless3003 strapless1101 telekinesis24140 text49910 truth915


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Background Pony #0F6A
You can't know that for sure without putting on the pony equivalent of that outfit and doing those poses.

or vice versa =P
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Background Pony #8D70
You shouldn’t cry so hard, Rarity. It’s made you a little horse.

Thank you, I’ll be here all night. Try the ice cream.

The "Equestria Girls" look disproportionate, which would make the pony versions of the characters look more aesthetically pleasing.
Background Pony #1D24
Girl, you are just jealous cause [spoiler] you were possessed by that evil spell [spoiler]