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Today is a nice day =)
safe1691812 artist:alcor984 twilight sparkle298356 oc675655 oc:anon11649 alicorn221491 human153264 pony953471 behaving like a cat2166 blushing195189 chest fluff38308 collar32660 cute197682 daaaaaaaaaaaw3772 ear fluff28912 eyes closed91874 faceful of ass1134 facesitting3298 female1349721 floppy ears51580 hmph30 hnnng2416 horn64564 human male6653 leash7633 male367909 mare473769 mask6616 nose wrinkle2972 on back24170 pet1891 pouting1967 scrunchy face7038 side view1468 story in the comments729 straight134944 tsundere2849 tsunlight sparkle41 twiabetes11610 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122791 wings104438


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keeping the good stuff out of reach of his nose and mouth, all with an adorable grump face. she'll wear the collar and leash as per the bet, but she wont let him have any satisfaction form having her as pet-for-a-day
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Twilight: "Walkies are at 6:00am sharp, What time is now Anon?"
Anon: "…6?"
Twilight: "WRONG! 6:05! 0! 5! OH! and now with all this talking it is now 6:06 Anon!"
Anon: "…five more minutes?"