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suggestive148373 edit135855 edited screencap67193 editor:ah961177 screencap227235 dean cadance1172 princess cadance33145 princess celestia96748 princess luna100776 principal celestia3606 spike80497 vice principal luna2586 dog9856 equestria girls206944 friendship games12827 belly button81210 black underwear3884 bra16488 breast edit1959 breasts288603 busty princess cadance3262 busty princess celestia10590 busty princess luna7231 cleavage35631 clothes475819 cropped50465 female1401512 hotel room192 infidelity6908 interspecies23583 lingerie10831 lingerie edit96 love5149 male387884 panties51488 pink underwear4337 praise the sun2087 sexy30690 shipping205632 solo1094094 solo female183654 spike the dog2680 spikedance115 spikelestia256 spiluna139 straight140304 underwear62483 underwear edit1483


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Everything is Everything
Alternate title 1: "Fun With Three Sexy Academic Administrators and One Very Fortunate Dog"
Alternate title 2: "Man, Is Rarity Gonna Be Pissed When She Sees This"

Seriously, though, best of luck with your story; hope it works out…