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Made this simply as an excuse to make an image with the "mundane utility" tag :^)

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
46 lights used in this scene (3 volumetric)

Programs used:
- Source Filmmaker
- VTFEdit
- Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Models used:
- Sunset Shimmer body
- Sunset Shimmer head and tail
- Sunset Shimmer hair
- Burning Twilight Sparkle
- Hoodie
- Stick
- Marshmallows
- Left Mountain
- Right Mountain and skydome
- Ground and tree
- Tent from TF2

Particles used:
- Flaming mane and tail
- Marshmallow smoke
- Marshmallow flame from TF2
safe1597886 artist:imafutureguitarhero278 sunset shimmer58145 twilight sparkle285764 alicorn202125 unicorn278042 anthro235942 plantigrade anthro28343 3d66281 :i1432 absurd file size658 absurd resolution63862 adidas147 black bars208 boots19432 burning566 burnt142 chromatic aberration1374 clothes418766 cloud28067 cloudy5971 dress40524 duo51501 female1270977 fiery shimmer371 film grain186 fire10319 floppy ears46991 food62931 glowing eyes10147 hoodie12573 horn49183 jacket11134 jeans3580 leather boots188 leather jacket2970 mane of fire1268 mare431562 marshmallow1154 mountain4596 multicolored hair4492 multicolored tail989 mundane utility68 nose wrinkle2848 open jacket160 outdoors8234 pants12713 rage-shift15 rapidash twilight377 red eyes5356 shoes31481 smiling220611 smoke2362 source filmmaker40234 squatting1299 stick635 tent840 tracksuit208 tree28616 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117119 unamused14316 walking campfire38 wall of tags2590 wallpaper17938 wings83712


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I didn't know Adidas made flame resistent clothing.

Something to consider next time a Russian cat catches a house on fire.