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Welcome to Anger Burger, home of the Anger Burger(TM), can I take your order please? :D
safe1704739 artist:badumsquish1964 derpibooru exclusive28362 oc683629 oc only448127 oc:saucepan sizzle2 kirin8701 nirik403 sounds of silence3365 anger burger4 angry27184 badumsquish is trying to murder us166 badumsquish strikes again118 blank eyes389 burger1867 cheese758 cheeseburger129 cooking1075 cross-popping veins1631 cute199523 diner324 fangs25298 fire11410 food70018 glare8231 glowing eyes11134 glowing eyes of doom77 glowing horn19612 hamburger615 happy31192 kirin oc1465 lettuce142 looking at you168250 magic73191 male372105 mood swing66 mundane utility80 plate1703 rage1517 restaurant687 smiling247789 solo1062915 speech3150 steam1882 telekinesis27688 tomato360


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My theory is since they're able to generate intense fire at will, which would fulfill a ton of societal needs like warmth, light, defense, and energy, and all without needing any form of training or education or discipline, they lack the same engineering abilities ponies (and we) have and take for granted. Ponies would think "Our houses burned down. Let's build out of fireproof materials" while a kirin would think "Our houses burn down. We're screwed unless we stop our fire abilities" :P