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safe1689255 screencap220046 applejack168459 rarity180224 equestria girls197939 equestria girls series32502 rollercoaster of friendship2452 best friends648 canterlot mall334 chair6690 clothes453235 dress43914 female1347210 geode of shielding2178 geode of super strength2129 hand8623 hat85428 out of context4328 phone6092 shipping fuel1541


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This still image can be taken as shipping fuel exactly the same way as the full scene (which is actually the context).

A true out of context would be something like this:

I'm not removing the tag because with the right mental gymnastics I can see your point. I just think it's funny to specify 'out of context' when the original context leaves the same impression.
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P.S. spoiler:eqg specials is only for Dance Magic, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic.
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Mal Hearts
Out of context because it's a still image (that's how you spell the version of still that means non-moving, correct?) with the actual context being somewhat different, but still shipping fuel worthy, than this.

(I said a mouthfull…)
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Mal Hearts
Fixed the tags.

This isn't shipping… It's shipping fuel. There's a difference.

(Shipping means they are am actual couple, shipping fuel means it's only implied but no confirmation has been given. Basically, they're just best friends.)