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@the metal bronyhead  
That and there’s the whole yin and yang dynamic as well. Like Mr. Negative has the power to heal people with a “healing touch” while he’s also able to channel negative ionic energy as well as mind control by touching others.

He’s originally a nemesis to Cloak & Dagger, seeing as all three were experimented on using the same drug. They were human guinea-pigs for some type of “super-heroin” but instead caused them to become mutates (that’s Marvel’s term for metta-humans)
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Honestly, the only Spider-Man villain I’m really familiar with is Dr Octopus, who in the older Spider-Man games I played growing up was a white guy. You could tell me with complete sincerity that Mr Negative is black in the comic, and I would believe you, as I’m not that familiar with Spider-Man’s rogues gallery.
Hell, I was really confused when for the Green Lantern movie they cast a white guy, because my introduction to the character was the John Stewart incarnation in Justice League, hence thought that the character was black.
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I know you’re trolling about what a small minded person who was racist against whites or something would say, but cone to think of it, I can’t remember the last villain in a Spider-Man movie or who wasn’t white. It’s nice to mix it up where it fits huh? Also I’m gonna have a new tag to block now… “Spoilers from another series.” Yeah damnit lol.