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Oh no!! Derpy crashed in the woods!! Hopefully the autumn leaves protected her! I guess it’s time for her to get a nap…  
Photoshop CC ~4h  
Alternate source
safe1897958 artist:imalou674 derpy hooves52963 pegasus373186 pony1245562 autumn1889 cute225328 daaaaaaaaaaaw5473 derpabetes3188 female1535125 floppy ears61104 fluffy16039 hnnng2573 leaves2553 looking up19439 mare577233 precious109 sitting74186 smiling308704 solo1209477 sweet dreams fuel1800 weapons-grade cute4123


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Go fsck yourself
Yes, but as we know from MLP:FiM, they are (almost) all friendly, misunderstood creatures, and if you just speak kindly to them, they will be your friends. :D
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Smolder is a cutie
Wow, incredible detail here. She look so fuzzy, precious and adorable, and those big beautiful eyes ❤