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safe1681422 artist:edhelistar114 derpibooru exclusive27792 oc668871 oc only440022 oc:edhelistar8 alicorn219711 kirin8331 pegasus282222 pony943527 unicorn312895 sounds of silence3325 cloven hooves9877 female1340628 frown22498 glasses60467 hoof fluff1640 kanji184 kirin oc1360 leg fluff2954 leonine tail8295 levitation11850 looking at you164021 magic71986 male364358 mare468711 pencil3562 plushie23592 ponysona2780 ponytail17429 raised hoof44471 raised leg7543 signature23531 simple background385153 telekinesis27131 tengwar43 traditional art116251 unshorn fetlocks24678 white background95496 wide eyes16844


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