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Queen Chrysalis x Queen Celestia — Married
Nova Nightshade

Queen Luna x King Sombra — Married
Neon Nights
Sonder Nighthawk

Dutchess Twilight Sparkle x Lady Starlight Glimmer — Married
Amethyst Althaea
Arctic Gale

Dutchess Mi Amor Cadenza x Duke Shining Armor — Married
Flurry Heart
Morning Star

Dame Pinkamina Diane Pie x Lady Skystar — Married
Pink Promenade
Snow Candy

Dame Applejack x Dame Rarity — Married
Lady Alice

Lord Big MacIntosh x Dame Fluttershy — Married
Wolf River
Carolina Chai
Sugar Bee

Dame Rainbow Dash x Lady Daring Do — Married
Dusty Hooves
Nellie Fly
Desert Sky

Sunset Shimmer x Trixie Lulamoon — Married
Winter Wonder

Derpy Hooves x Doctor Whooves — Married
Dinky Doo

Photo Finish x Royal Pin — Married
Sunset Silk
Blue Buttons
Lapis Lace

Moon Dancer x Star Bright — Married
Cresent Shine

Tree Hugger x Everfree Dryad — Casual Relationship

Maud Pie x Mud Briar — Married
Violet Vivanite
Joss Spice

Octavia x Vinyl Scratch — Married
safe1704724 artist:misskanabelle228 applejack169735 big macintosh28236 daring do6413 derpy hooves50132 dinky hooves4379 doctor whooves10739 fluttershy212450 king sombra13874 photo finish2630 pinkie pie216052 pokey pierce1365 princess cadance32433 princess celestia94947 princess luna99071 princess skystar2015 queen chrysalis34762 rainbow dash233744 rarity181684 shining armor23127 starlight glimmer48607 sunset shimmer62934 time turner10735 trixie67430 twilight sparkle300119 oc683617 oc:amethyst althaea5 oc:arctic gale3 oc:arietta3 oc:blue buttons3 oc:carolina chai6 oc:concordia11 oc:cresent shine5 oc:desert sky4 oc:dusty hooves24 oc:hunter76 oc:joss spice4 oc:juniper34 oc:lady alice3 oc:lapis lace2 oc:lumina39 oc:moondancer25 oc:morpheus21 oc:nellie fly3 oc:neon nights3 oc:nightshade162 oc:pink promenade5 oc:snow candy6 oc:sonder nighthawk3 oc:starburst365 oc:sugar bee7 oc:sundance58 oc:sunset silk2 oc:violet vivanite4 oc:winter wonder6 oc:wisteria28 oc:wolf river4 alicorn224158 bat pony49724 changedling8354 changeling47537 changepony1079 classical hippogriff4962 classical unicorn4105 deer5766 diamond dog3436 earth pony248074 hippogriff9709 hybrid18748 pegasus291083 pony965942 reindeer1995 unicorn322531 absurd resolution66208 adopted offspring1082 bat pony oc17514 blaze (coat marking)1332 braided tail1162 changedling oc535 changeling oc7538 chest fluff39057 chryslestia281 clothes458980 cloven hooves10153 coat markings4541 colored hooves5913 colored wings6133 colored wingtips1661 cowboy hat15820 daringdash149 description is relevant830 diamond dog oc278 doctorderpy1495 ear piercing26211 earring21075 ethereal mane7947 facial markings1755 family tree343 fangs25298 female1361468 floral head wreath2041 flower25598 flower in hair7708 fluttermac2904 glasses61825 gradient hooves624 hair bun3339 hat86693 hybrid wings288 interspecies offspring7306 jewelry63469 leonine tail8577 lesbian96878 lumbra312 magical lesbian spawn12052 male372103 mare479737 missing accessory8148 multicolored wings2749 neckerchief1822 necktie7264 offspring38967 parent:applejack3903 parent:big macintosh3158 parent:fluttershy4863 parent:king sombra1294 parent:maud pie419 parent:moondancer368 parent:mud briar144 parent:oc:everfree dryad2 parent:octavia melody292 parent:pinkie pie4093 parent:princess cadance1614 parent:princess celestia2139 parent:princess luna2284 parent:princess skystar208 parent:queen chrysalis1072 parent:rarity4200 parent:shining armor1387 parent:star bright13 parent:starlight glimmer1427 parent:sunset shimmer1447 parent:tree hugger316 parent:trixie1855 parent:twilight sparkle8279 parent:vinyl scratch413 parents:canon x oc1748 parents:chryslestia99 parents:daringdash39 parents:fluttermac1374 parents:lumbra330 parents:maudbriar112 parents:moonbright5 parents:photopierce4 parents:rarijack419 parents:scratchtavia181 parents:shiningcadance962 parents:skypie124 parents:suntrix67 parents:twistarlight81 photopierce2 piercing41017 rainbow hair2413 rainbow wings594 rarijack7041 scarf23229 shawl282 shiningcadance2669 shipping200041 skirt39696 skypie187 socks (coat markings)2643 stallion108574 starry mane4165 stetson4997 straight136238 straw in mouth1001 sunglasses14443 suntrix591 tongue out103785 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123593 twistarlight552 unshorn fetlocks25456 wall of tags3059


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