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Hey, I brought you a princess <3  
Maybe a little later I’ll do some simple animation with her .. or not.
Anyway, commissions are open, all welcome.
Want to support me? I will drink a cup of coffee with pleasure before drawing a new picture https://ko-fi.com/mdwines
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Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/mdwines
Streams https://picarto.tv/mdwines
questionable112250 artist:mdwines248 princess luna101280 alicorn235630 anthro272476 unguligrade anthro50811 breasts291944 busty princess luna7317 dance floor234 female1416122 mare509618 night27757 nipples177816 nudity386250 purple962 purple background3367 simple background414457 snow14222 snowfall4532 solo1106322 solo female185102 stripper808 stripper pole2064 wings126209


not provided yet


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I wish the community had more Luna and Celestia art with good body proportions like this nice busty Luna without it looking like she will break her back with her rack.
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@Background Pony #DB81  
Thanks for the comment! Mb I correct the background later.. but so far I like it the way it is :) Particularly because the image was planned for viewing not in the form of a thumbnail, but on a full screen.
Background Pony #05AB
Good art, but the background is very distracting. I couldn’t tell what was going on from the thumbnail.