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Each one of the Mane Seven has to pick up a name from the hat and find the perfect gift only for that single friend.
Thanks to the trailer, we already know that Pinkie Pie must find a gift for Twilight, but what about the others?
Who's gonna find a present for whom?
In your opinion, which combinations would actually reveal to be the most interesting subplots for this special?
Let's speculate!
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Background Pony #1055

Are you wondering what the purpose of the picture is?


Yeah I think the gifts will have a purpose later on, maybe to remind them of their friendship when facing Grogar later on.

@Frustration in Excelsis
@Background Pony #5BD0

As much as the trailer is pointing to Rainbow Dash getting Fluttershy. I just hope it isn't only because you'd think at this point Dash would know Fluttershy long enough to know what to get her for a gift since they've been friends longer than Spike has been alive.
Background Pony #8AEF
Rainbow could be either Spike or Fluttershy. Discord has a unique angle with both that would make him useful.

What I'd like to see is RD getting Spike and (with no snark withheld) helping Discord find a gift for Fluttershy while he helps her find something O&O or otherwise geek themed for Spike.
Background Pony #48CC
I'm guessing it's going to be a 7-way "Gift of the Magi" type of deal.

I'm hoping they don't go any route of Applejack/Rarity or Dash/Fluttershy for the gift exchange, mostly because I feel those two pairings are too predictable now to the point of almost being cliched.

You have an eclectic cast of main characters. Mix and match them around.

Nah In the trailer we can see Twilight with a board and in the board it was a ballon so yeah Pinkie Pie → Twilight and Twilight → Pinkie Pie. Also, we can see Rainbow talking with Discord so yeah I am pretty afraid this is Rainbow Dash → Fluttershy. The rest idk and I am not even sure about this…
Frustration in Excelsis
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Hmm… there's not much support for guessing who got who at the moment — given that it was a random shuffle, it likely doesn't have a strong basis into preexisting character dynamics. However, given that Discord volunteered his services in aiding Rainbow pick her gift, I'm guessing she got either Fluttershy or Spike.
Background Pony #1055
Well I'll take a guess.
Pinkie Pie → Twilight
Fluttershy → Applejack
Applejack → Rarity
Rarity → Pinkie Pie
Spike → Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash → Spike
Twilight → Rainbow Dash