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Copper Knight

Eh, maybe Flash had a training thing going on at that time and the current head actually brought all of the troops besides Wonderbolts out of complacency.
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Young Leosword
Are y’all still asking secondary characters and organizations to have any sort of consistency or sense? XD
Background Pony #B1D8
Or now that Flash Magnus is around, he's whipping the Guard into shape. Because the Royal Legion don't mess around!
Artist -

@Background Pony #D67A
I, personally, believe that Equestria hadn't time to prepare for the Storm King's armada, as they were—quite foolishly—distracted with the celebration. I do not belive that Equestria had a weak aerial navy or airforce, as we have seen they're affinity for airships, whilst also holding the Wonderbolts upon their unit roster.

…or quite simply, Equestria simply may have increased military presence, in response to the aforementioned occupation—as @Ihhh previously suggested.
Background Pony #138A
Common theory is she had a treaty with him and didn't intervene when he conquered everyone around her kingdom.
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