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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A Jagged Metal Enchilada
Don't know about your side, but mine is a barely restrained contempt bursting at the seams with burning rage bound to erupt one day in an act of violence Equestria will have to make new laws just to punish.

What about you?
Background Pony #89A2
S.G : I have a good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Me :(Oh no I know where this is going, she won't accept me) Huh… the bad one first.

S.G : Really!, okay then, I'm not going to be your waifu from now on.

Me : (I knew it, beside I'm a human she's a pony at least we still best friends)

S.G : Now the good news is your going to be my husband.

Me : WAIT..WHAT!!!

S.G : It's look like Twilight found a spell that can turn you into a pony or turn me into a human that way we can change when ever we wanted too.
Background Pony #DC74
"I know this isn't a great way to start, but we really need to talk about your kites. I don't mind that you like them so much, but is it really necessary to bring them to bed with us?"