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safe1723451 artist:shieltar378 oc695229 oc:big mark78 oc:grace harmony187 earth pony255212 human156325 pegasus298388 pony983843 comic:birth of equestria250 armpits43143 belly button79175 clothes465787 comic109948 cutie mark48318 cutie mark on human1992 dialogue66319 female1378124 human to pony1173 male378718 mare489286 midriff19527 open fly257 stallion111413 tramp stamp86 transformation10929 tube top571 winged human92


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@Night Coder
Magic itself is kinda dormant without living users to shape it, and her father hasn't really used it, just made machines that interact with it, so it's indirect. And the machines were only transferring the magic from the crystal to other things, not "controlling" it.

Celestia and Luna are living beings able to naturally tap into the ether and interact directly with magic whenever they want, and their bodies also store it like a battery I guess. since they're living beings and not machines, they actually have an influence over what magic can/will do.

Ever since they were made, they've been "leaking" magic into the world, causing the changes to the house and people around them unintentionally because of their lack of control over it. Grace is able to turn into a pony because of her relationship with Celestia and Luna, their pony magic is imprinting on her when she interacts with them, which she's doing all the time.

Does that make sense? I hope it makes sense.
Night Coder
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

I'm surprised her father hasn't been turned into a pony yet. After all, he's been working with magic for much longer and I'm sure his experiments weren't 100% safe.
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I know but it would be better when it happen in story np.
* With another princess uncontrolled magic sprut makes Grace giant for few panels. Few pages later there will be news in tv about huge hoofprints :v
Night Coder
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

Discovered this during the last few hours of work. How have I not seen this over the last 6 years!? It's funny, cute, and all around trying to kill us in every good way possible!