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explicit332689 artist:paperbagpony648 oc640852 oc:calamity681 oc:littlepip3964 pegasus264563 pony901190 unicorn293677 fallout equestria16122 anus91389 balls70856 belly flying7 belly riding258 blowjob30191 blushing185912 bondage31937 branding335 clothes434212 cum75420 cum in mouth9986 cutie mark43921 dashite465 fanfic10290 fanfic art13657 female1302181 femsub10071 flying36084 gray background6526 hat81508 hetero littlepip122 hooves17138 horn55281 looking back53162 male350052 maledom4383 mare448178 mile high club436 nudity349760 oral46232 penis144426 piplamity84 ponut40918 rope10861 rope bondage3629 sex113513 simple background369556 smiling229414 spread wings50622 stallion100194 straight129692 submissive15353 taint4841 vault suit3317 wings92261


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Background Pony #ACA9
Hopefully he cums so much that Pip's cheeks swell up like a chipmunk trying to hold it all in and swallow.
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Young Leosword
Maybe, but most of the time, tags are added if they’re visible and apparent, or as aforementioned if the artist themselves illustrates a vague object or concept within an image. ^_^