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Fullbody Commission for alviniscute
I hope you like it, i really do <3 !

Next commission is for : WhiteFeather0


Dash and Twi get caught after some prank involving Celestia and the library in Canterlot
safe1726115 artist:celiaurore7 rainbow dash236100 twilight sparkle302987 alicorn228289 pegasus299616 pony986400 angry27618 bound wings3590 chains5027 clothes466838 cuffs4533 duo62782 frustrated566 grin39582 nervous5772 nervous grin1112 never doubt rainbowdash69's involvement32 prison outfit1085 prisoner726 prisoner rd419 prisoner ts93 punishment886 shackles1849 simple background400732 smiling254100 transparent background205307 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847


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Background Pony #8955
And Lightning Dust will make sure that they won´t be lazing around during those three month while doing her best to drive Rainbow up the wall.
Poor Rainbow has no choice but to swallow her wounded pride and to obey her new boss who constantly reminds her who is in charge now.
Background Pony #8955
Only when it is night.
During day they have to work for the Washouts and follow the orders of their parole officer Captain Lightning Dust.