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I’m trying to return from the busy days.
Kirin Ichiban beer with an adorable kirin Autumn blaze.
just for puns >w>;;
safe1970939 artist:orang111385 autumn blaze4857 kirin12509 sounds of silence3440 :35831 :t4211 alcohol8850 awwtumn blaze870 beer2001 blushing238532 can563 cheek fluff7854 chest fluff53273 cloven hooves13104 cute236090 ear fluff41605 female1602584 floppy ears64473 fluffy16887 hoof hold10865 kirin beer107 kirin ichiban31 kirinbetes283 leaning4532 leg fluff3912 lidded eyes38985 looking at you216930 product placement233 puffy cheeks4708 raised eyebrow7938 scrunchy face7841 shoulder fluff2522 smiling331005 solo1267971 unshorn fetlocks36288


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Pulse Wave
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Busy procrastinating
Autumn Blaze: “I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, it’s Kirin Ichiban.”
I give the fandom until the end of the year to actually draw ↑this↑ (with any Kirin).

Was a rock.
Used to be able to buy washed & reused flagons of genuine apple juice in the Adelaide Hills here in South Oz from the apple selling stands by the orchards back in the 80’s, then some do-gooder ruined it in government.
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Oh it was just a dirty joke.
Yeah I learned Japan calls themselves Nippon when using English phonetics thanks to emulating Famicon Disk System games.
A popular radio show All Night Nippon released their own copy of Mario Bros