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She doesn’t look too happy about that, Ponk. You might want to start running. :p

safe2172671 edit172889 edited screencap90385 screencap295615 pinkie pie255585 rainbow dash279686 earth pony445579 pegasus495795 pony1600832 daring done?1051 g42027197 season 72467 4chan6948 and then there's this asshole93 angry36613 annoyed7244 cutie mark51371 female1800943 hooves25955 mare739943 meme93830 smiling396909 vulgar25254


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Rainbow Dash is not an asshole though, she is pretty cool gal if you get to know her. I’d give her my m34t s4us4g3, I’d also give my m34t s4us4g3 to you Pinkie. Fancy a thr33s0me sometime? I’ll supply the lu83 and pr0t3ti0n.