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YCH auction result. Comm-s are open, all welcome.
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safe1767011 artist:mdwines248 oc720321 oc only470419 oc:raven eve'hart85 demon3134 demon pony1393 anthro272476 blue eyes5881 bust53736 commission74535 eastern8 fan883 folding fan27 ginger hair4 gold1186 head1741 light skin4824 long hair4507 looking at you178083 solo1106316 ych result23418


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Background Pony #3DDC
@Raven Eve’Hart  
whoa dude,why call it “war-CRACK”? some wow fans might get offended(i must admit i myself kinda was when i started reading your explanation(i almost tought it was my ex(as she calls wow “world of war-crack”(and yep i have a kind of “mania” that makes me think all people in the internet might be her in desguise) but now that you’ve explained yourself and put a link in i know you’re NOT her)
checks your DA account
aaanyways,beautiful character ye got here lass,congrats =D
and sorry if i might look like(more of read like) a stupid person with bad manners,but it’s because english’s not my main language
Raven Eve'Hart
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@Background Pony #6889  
Actually my character is NOT based on war-crack at all. I have always had the tail chain. Raven originally started a full anthropomorphic dragon in the furry community. Primarily had started on little know online RP chat game called Furcadia back in the old days. ( http://fav.me/d62d6ki [original ref sheet for my character) Draenei did not appear till Crusade expansion in 2007 yet I can produce art of my OC from 2004 and earlier. ( https://www.deviantart.com/thenekk/art/Jamais-and-Raven-Sketchy-5287124 [sketch of Raven as a little one with a friend] ) Her current form is basically a pony-hybrid possibility, sorta of what might you end up with should a dragon like Spike actually make whoopie with Rarity.
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@Background Pony #6889  
Hi. Yep, I played, but the art was created on the basis of customer’s character, as a portrait under the order (you can see by tag oc:raven eve’hart). Perhaps the owner of this character was really inspired by this race ^^
Background Pony #3DDC
@Raven Eve’Hart  
i noticed the (typical) Draenei-ish tail rings in your character,do you play wow?,is your oc inspired by the draenei?(which are my fave race of “demons”(if “light infused blue-ish space goats with “russian” accent count as “demons”)