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The full res version, as I wasn't aware you can't extract it from tumblr anymore, it seems.

I should remember to post both there and here from now on.
suggestive145443 artist:ponut_joe409 applejack171496 fluttershy214838 pinkie pie218143 rainbow dash236145 rarity183589 sci-twi24639 sunset shimmer63846 twilight sparkle303044 human156677 equestria girls203126 anklet945 applejack's hat7701 applejacked1240 armpits43183 barefoot27976 bedroom eyes60270 breasts283248 chubbie pie616 chubby13332 cleavage35097 clothes467020 cowboy hat16336 dress45238 eyeshadow16075 feet40656 female1380948 fit463 freckles29482 glasses63071 hair tie819 hairclip1116 harem919 hat88314 high res31118 humane five3495 humane seven2606 humane six3319 humanized100886 legs8648 looking at you172044 looking back58660 looking back at you15331 makeup22105 mane six32230 muscles12566 plump7234 ponytail18262 pose6006 rainbuff dash867 seductive look1326 sexy30045 shoulder freckles1067 sitting64361 smiling254194 stetson5023 summer dress42 sundress276 thick4501 thighs14311 white dress100


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It isn't, though. Especially if you're only the slightest bit overweight, like Pinkie is depicted in this art.

You don't have to be skinny to be active. Or athletic. And being active or athletic doesn't necessary make you skinny. Partially because of metabolism, as you mentioned.
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You can be both fat and hyperactive. Living an active lifestyle doesn't mean you're skinny if you also eat like a garbage disposal, like Pinkie does.

"different body types, blah-blah-blah". Nice idea, not so nice realization.
imho, the main flaw — RD. Muscular body for a runner-type character? Rly? or like Williams sisters ?..
Fatty Pinkie — also wrong for a such vigorous character. I'd rather imagine chubby Shy , then Pinkie.
Then, Twilight got a ponytail, so why does sporty RD have such a haybale?
Shy has much more glamorous look, then, Rarity, and that's no bad, but kinda strange.
Finally, body color: Rarity has to be pale, AJ — tanned, it's just logical. Still, I like that it's not original EQG blue/orange skin.
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Your art is definitely worth the wait, Joe. Words can't describe how great these Equestria Ladies look…

While I'll always be partial to Rarity, I love how your Applejack and Rainbow Dash show that women can be muscular and feminine at the same time..
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@Crimson Prose
None of the M6 ponies have different body types so why should the EQG humans? Besides, Pinkie exercises and bounces everywhere. Just cause she eats cake doesn't mean she'd be fat.
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See Hasbro? This is how you give different body types to different characters. One of my nitpicks with EG is that Rainbow/AJ don't look as toned as they should and Pinkie doesn't look at cute-chub as she should.
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I'd love to see a version of this with their EQG/pony colors, or even anthro ponies or regular ponies but in these dresses and poses