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The full uncut version of >>1804315.

Published on my Patreon a few weeks ago, Patreon supporters already have my next animation (Fluts getting creamed in both holes).

Please enjoy the worst dialogue ever.
explicit343294 artist:haltie166 big macintosh27901 cheerilee9851 sugar belle3077 earth pony237748 unicorn311026 anthro253641 animated97117 ass47828 big breasts79416 big macintosh gets all the mares330 bouncing4761 bouncing breasts3715 breasts269660 busty cheerilee707 busty sugar belle141 cheerimac803 chest fluff37518 cleavage fluff838 complete nudity3676 cowgirl position6828 creampie29737 cum77733 cumming21548 dialogue63843 female1336134 ffm threesome1090 grinding1142 group sex14984 hentai quotes378 male362671 mare466256 nipples161396 no sound3983 nudity361517 open mouth140090 penetration56420 sex118351 shipping196245 stallion104821 straight133462 sugarmac762 threesome10009 vaginal38416 vaginal secretions39045 webm12732


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@Love Letter
Only this is cuckolding with a reclamation ending to it. Not everything cuckolding involves chastity for one person and swinging would mean that Sugar is also fucking someone else. Sugs got cucked and 'reclaimed' her man while his dick was still wet.
Background Pony #691C
I wish more Sugar-cuck like it (not cuckold fan btw, but this look pretty good)
Love Letter
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Gen 1 Pony
But if Sugar Belle is gonna join, wouldn't that be a threesome, not cuckolding?

Yeah, this isn't cuckolding. There's no humiliation, no "I'm taking him away from you," it's just swinging. Kids these days, thinking any open relationship is cuckolding, SMH.
Narlepoax III
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@Chuy Ryu
I'm not the one implying it.

Cheerilee is younger than Big Mac by at least a couple years. Cheerilee teaches elementary school. The only way for Cheerilee to have been Big Mac's teacher is if he was in elementary school long after the age that most people are.