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Always be careful around sneezing dragons. :3

Just felt like drawing some of the antics that the princesses and their dragon friends go through on a regular basis.

MLPFIM © Hasbro
Percy and Penny the Dragons © Me
safe1680976 artist:aleximusprime1455 princess celestia93948 princess luna98096 oc668563 oc:penny the dragon3 oc:percy the dragon3 alicorn219584 dragon54719 pony943029 accident1232 angry26603 annoyed5388 burn262 burnt149 cewestia1788 covering mouth274 cute195984 dragon oc872 dragoness8068 female1340143 filly65026 fire11198 kids86 laughing7813 male364160 mare468431 oops485 pink-mane celestia2536 royal sisters4325 simple background385019 tail26318 transparent background198771 woona5045 young celestia340 young luna155 younger17077


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