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Random reminder that Discovery Family GO rips [without DF watermarks] are still the best version of EG Specials 2017 especially Mirror Magic (wash-out yellow colors).

Apparently only Discovery Family has the non-corrupted masters?…
Maybe DF got the fixed/updated masters? (DVD probably got the masters way early on/months ahead of TV airings)
Other than Mirror Magic, in Dance Magic.. every other version misspelled Gillian M. Berrow's name as G. M. Burrow but the DF airing is corrected.

Top: Any other versions but Discovery Family
Bottom: Discovery Family


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so, uh… side question — why exactly does this have the 'miraculous ladybug' and 'akumatized' tags??
Background Pony #9569
@Evil Emperor Proteus
Sorry for the confusion, "without DF watermark" is referring to Discovery Family GO rips.
The image has the DF logo because well, I'm lazy to redo the comparison image again. XP (Just use the ones available on the site)
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It's made a bit more annoying because pretty much every home release of it has this error.
interestingly enough there's another DVD of the Specials coming out in the UK and I wonder if it will still have the coloring error or is just to fix the colouring error