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So a lot of stuff has been going on for me lately which is why I haven't been able to upload or even reply as much as I would have liked. There are a ton of comments that I have missed and notes I haven't answered because I am so behind but I am hoping that will change a little bit at least.

I've moved to another city and started studying again which I hope will give me some more inspiration and energy to be able to draw/write again. Work was really starting to get the better of me I feel. So even though it's a big and kinda scary change I hope it will work out in the end.

Anyway these sketches are ones I found in one of the sketchbooks I brought with me that I hadn't posted before. Decided to color a few of them and throw them up for you all to see.

1: Love Letter has never met her biological dad, not that neither of them doesn't want to meet the other. The political climate in Yakyakistan has been quite tense between the yaks and the griffons since a few years after Love Letter was born and Rutherford couldn't afford leaving his village to come visit his daughter. Twilight also didn't want to bring her daughter to Yakyakistan.

Love Letter is still very interested in hearing about her dad and his culture and often runs to talk to Twilight's old student Yona who still lives in Ponyville. Yona loves talking about her people and sees it as a great honor to teach the little princess about her heritage.

Love Letter: Do all yak talk in third person?

Yona: Oh yes! Yak show great respect for self by talking about self in third person. Yona show that she is strong and sure of herself by talking about herself as Yona!

Love Letter: huh, Love Letter like this way of speaking!

2: A little sketch of Love Letter and Charcoal (the black filly): I did shortly after this picture.

I am a little unsure weither or not I will keep Charcoal as Pinkie's kid and am kinda thinking of maybe making her either Limestone's or Marble's daughter. I've also been toying with the thought of maybe aging her up a bit to be around Marigold's age but I'm not sure yet.

Either way if she stayed Love Letters age she would be a very quiet but friendly little filly who may or may not have a tiny bit of a crush on Love Letter. She would always be trying to sit close to her whenever she could and dive in for hugs as often as possible. In this sketch Love Letter gets the sudden realisation this filly might be wanting to be more than just friends.

Letter was at a loss for how to react straight away afterwards but later ran to tell Pferd and got all excited that somepony liked her and wanted to be special someponies ASAP!

3: Kiddie Bumblebee playing with a python.

Bumble has always shared his mothers love for animals and had a special fondness to reptiles and amphibians. He would always follow his mother around and help tend to the animals when he was a kid and would get especially excited when it was time to take care of the snakes.

4: Zephyr Breeze trying to convince Curtain Call to let him put his hair up.

Zephyr: Come on kid, ponies like the bun look. You have just the right lenght for me to put it up for you all nice so the ladies can see your face.

CC: I don't know… I — I like it when I can sorta… maybe… hide behind my bangs…

Zephyr: Do it for me, your faaaavorite uncle!

CC: uncomfortable horse noises

5: Honeycrisp and Twiggy sitting together trying to sell apple at the market when a nice looking stallion plot struts by.

6: Twiggy has a bit of a problem with being a presumptious prick sometimes, like thinking all Canterlot elite ponies are the same kind of snobby dick bags. Here he stood with his arms crossed huffing something rude about prissy elitists about the ponies around them.

Cheerilee is tired of yo shit Twiggy. Get of your damn high horse and stop judging people. You're there to sell apples goddamnit!

7: Another Apple lady getting tired of someones shit.

Crabapple is tired of Hurricane's dumb attitude. That he is all talk and no action. Stop picking on everything that moves just cause you are an attention starved little coward.

She might also be frustrated by her own conflicting feelings and trying to hide that she kinda, sorta, maybe likes him. But that would be wierd and gross since they're bros and bros can't be together cause that's wierd.

Hurricane is confused and slightly scared he might get punched in the nose.

8: Just a random little sketch of Crabapple rolling her eyes.

Hurricane probably bragged about being able to do something like 'walk around the everfree forest at night' when in reality she knows he is terrified of the dark and would barely even be able to leave his house at night.
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