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Obscure references FTW
Not to strawman, but consider that some, I emphasize some, of the rejects might not be fit due to physical or psychological problems that prevent them from seeking treatment on their own. Would it be humane to leave them to their fate? Sure, we shouldn’t give them more than they deserve, but what they do deserve is some place in society, not being written off just because they can’t deal with the requirements of the plum jobs.
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I find that when someone uses unfamiliar/weeb emojis, the best course of action is to just pretend they don’t exist or mean anything. And reply with three eggplant emojis.

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@Daneasaur @Cryosite
Thank you. A thousand times, thank you. It’s a damn shame ‘feelings over facts’ is a growing trend within our generation. People need to understand and accept that everyone has their limitations, but that doesn’t necessitate an inclusionary reward to satisfy some status quo and a few broken egos. It dilutes the satisfaction of achievement and the overall concept of competition, be it sports or careers.
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Very well said.
It’s also shown the Wonderbolts are in fact a rescue operative, they just do sports shows to keep up PR.
By comparison, we can compare them to any flight team IRL, such as the Blue Angels. If a pilot is deaf, blind, has extreme violent tendencies, or even suffers from epilepsy, would any sane person want them in the pilot seat of several tons of weaponry, or would you let them do it anyway because saying “no” would “hurt their feelings”?
A similar situation happened to a group of Fire Fighters. One stipulation is that someone needs to be able to lift at least 140lbs in a fireman’s carry and go through an obstacle course. This is naturally to ensure they can carry an unresponsive person out of a burning building while wearing protective gear. The place got complaints of “sexism” and such because most of the firefighters picked happened to be men. However, the place was willing to hire women if they could do the 140 course. Most couldn’t and so were unfit for the role. Many guys failed as well, but you won’t hear about them. However, the brigade decided to listen to the people who wined and cried and thus became lax in the training. the result are fire fighters who likely can’t help an average sized person out of a burning building, all to spare some “hurt feelings”.
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@Background Pony #EE55  
It is times like this where it is really hard to ignore the stereotypical millenial participation trophy.
This isn’t public school seeking to pass each and every student. This is an elite school seeking to focus on the best of the best. No, it is not the Wonderbolt’s responsibility to dicover and seek treatment for random mental health issues of adults. They’re there to weed out fliers too weak to train. They’re there to kick out anyone but the best. So only the top fliers in Equestria go on to the reserves and maybe get a spot on the main roster.
This would be like expecting professional sports teams to accept people regardless of ability, and expect them to work with overweight, unfit, disabled, or incapable recruits, just simply because they show up.
No, it is the responsibility of Short Fuse and ponies like him to seek the treatment he needs on his own. Not expect the Wonderbolts to do it for him.