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Sometimes, you just know you’re having a bad day.
Ujazira realised this in those precious few seconds between her next hoofstep treading thin air, and the resounding shlup of her body hitting the noisome morass held in the pit below. Minotauran temples aren’t known for their quality cleanliness after all, and this chamber’s mud was far short of spa-quality. Sheer momentum carried her bust-deep, but the unpleasantly thick muck – or perhaps Uzi’s natural buoyancy – wouldn’t let her slip any further into those depths. Now, that alone was bad enough, leaving our dear adventurer with a few hours arduous, slimy struggle to free herself with whatever especially convenient tendril happened to be around, until… Shlunk.
Several sluices above opened - perhaps triggered by her fall into the trap – and added a glutinous gurgling to the obnoxious orchestra of liquid sounds around her. Her ears wilted as the inevitable came forth, a rush of vile, viscous slurry from the peril providing pipes, and the encrusted layer of sediment on the walls around her brought a distinctly unpalatable realisation to the zebra’s mind.
If she tilted her head back, she might not drown in the abhorrent rush of putrefaction already piling up around her, but contemplating the thought of being encased to her chin in foul matter, with nary the faintest idea of when salvation would arrive… maybe drowning would be the more fortunate fate.
A freshly commissioned piece from Toughset whom rendered it quite exquisitely, to say the least!

suggestive192793 artist:toughset154 oc961416 oc only699910 oc:ujazira17 zebra24229 anthro366071 anthro oc37201 big breasts128604 breasts398129 cleavage47576 clothes646056 explorer outfit135 female1832465 floppy ears74271 hat126753 messy2794 mud3550 muddy1120 peril1253 pipe (plumbing)227 pit trap10 pith helmet727 quicksand755 reaching926 sinking603 sludge39 solo1447883 story included13281 struggling1744 temple506 zebra oc5724


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