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suggestive160227 artist:maniacpaint489 princess celestia100825 human180496 absolute cleavage4290 bent over4409 big breasts96258 bikini20766 breasts316158 busty princess celestia11370 cleavage38398 clothes519974 cloud34849 crown21822 female1504142 hair over one eye10378 horned humanization7235 huge breasts44839 humanized105778 jewelry80365 looking at you196897 plump7651 praise the sun2163 regalia25596 sexy34377 simple background457182 socks75306 solo1185351 solo female195825 stupid sexy celestia1767 swimsuit32342 thigh highs43369 tongue out118662 white background115769 winged humanization9187 wings149527


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i cant wait for another Maniacpaints Eris, i really love her design, just like this.
He streams more often these days, so you could have a chance to suggest it.
Background Pony #057B
@Background Pony #6A36  
One thing I’ve always noticed: most of the princesses are drawn as recolors of the same pose but Chrissy always gets her own individual shot; usually an ass shot