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suggestive160030 artist:maniacpaint489 princess celestia100780 human180426 absolute cleavage4277 bent over4399 big breasts96183 bikini20727 breasts315849 busty princess celestia11363 cleavage38370 clothes519549 cloud34835 crown21797 female1502999 hair over one eye10369 horned humanization7232 huge breasts44797 humanized105749 jewelry80267 looking at you196673 plump7644 praise the sun2163 regalia25564 sexy34362 simple background456631 socks75241 solo1184511 solo female195700 stupid sexy celestia1767 swimsuit32291 thigh highs43324 tongue out118557 white background115650 winged humanization9186 wings149303


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i cant wait for another Maniacpaints Eris, i really love her design, just like this.
He streams more often these days, so you could have a chance to suggest it.
Background Pony #057B
@Background Pony #6A36  
One thing I’ve always noticed: most of the princesses are drawn as recolors of the same pose but Chrissy always gets her own individual shot; usually an ass shot