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safe (1409474)artist:clay-bae (25)oc (516286)oc:autumn glory (11)oc:cripps pink (2)oc:dawn gleam (3)oc:daybreak (100)oc:first light (9)oc:gale glisten (1)oc:light blaze (3)oc:night breeze (16)oc:nightleap (1)oc only (359488)oc:solar flare (98)oc:sonic blast (1)oc:storm flash (1)oc:sugar puff (4)oc:whirlwind (124)oc:wink (1)oc:winter chill (2)adoptable (1288)bust (30418)earth pony (142537)female (742973)magical lesbian spawn (8227)male (251780)mare (325255)next generation (4978)offspring (28259)parent:big macintosh (2074)parent:flash sentry (2168)parent:fluttershy (3319)parents:flashlight (1870)parent:soarin' (1889)parents:soarlight (19)parents:sunsetsparkle (321)parents:tempestlight (353)parents:twiburst (156)parents:twimac (54)parents:twishy (48)parent:sunburst (676)parent:sunset shimmer (1155)parents:zephyrlight (4)parent:tempest shadow (1585)parent:twilight sparkle (6068)parent:zephyr breeze (529)pegasus (182225)pony (674463)simple background (285444)stallion (70768)transparent background (149371)unicorn (195920)


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