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The next day, Applejack and Rainbow went to Sunset's house and found a note on the door that said:

Gone grocery shopping.
I'll be back soon.
~Sunset Shimmer

"Great," said Rainbow, "When will she coming back to feed us?"

"I dunno," said Applejack, "I just don't know."

About a few minutes later, Sunset came back with the groceries she bought. "Oh, hey girls!" she said, "I see that you two are already willing to reach a thousand pounds together."

"That's what we're here for," said Rainbow, "Isn't it?"

"Yup," said Applejack as she was massaging her large-beach-ball-sized belly.

"Alright, let's get to it!" said Sunset as she went to the kitchen and unpacked her groceries.

While waiting patiently for her, the two five hundred pound girls were having some conversations with each other. When she came out with the huge amount of groceries, they followed her to the backyard of her house.

Sunset began to feed them both at the same time.

While Rainbow and Applejack were eating, they grew a whole lot fatter and their bellies grew to the size of a jumbo beach ball and then a gigantic boulder. There was something they weren't aware of: they couldn't move as much anymore because of their weights. Disregarding that, Sunset kept feeding them anyway. They kept eating and grew much fatter and their bellies grew then to the size of an enormous boulder.

After so many hours of feeding time, they became extremely fat and ginormous enough to not move much but a little bit. Their bellies were also ginormous and even more softer. Stretch marks appeared on Rainbow's ginormous belly, and also the rest of her fatty body. Applejack's ginormous belly and her fatty body didn't have as much stretch marks as Rainbow's because she had become very fat before, especially when she was younger than Applebloom's age. Both of them had never become this fat before in their lives until now.

Sunset got out the weight scale, and Rainbow stepped on it first. It said 1,000 lbs.

"Aw yeah!!!" Rainbow exclaimed excitingly, "Nailed it!!! What about you, AJ?"

"We'll see about that," said Applejack as she stepped on the weight scale. It also said 1,000 lbs. "YEEEE-HAAWW!!! Me too!" she exclaimed excitingly, "We did it! We did it, we reached a thousand pounds!!!"

"Yeah we did!" agreed Rainbow as she raised her hand up, "High five?"

"Nah," said Applejack with a smirk, "Let's do a belly bump."

"Better idea," Rainbow agreed again.

Then they bumped their ginormous fat bellies together and let out their huge belches at the same time.

Rainbow covered her mouth as she was surprised by that. "Whoa!" she said, "Did we just burp at the same time?"

Applejack however, wasn't as surprised. "Nope," she said with a smile and a huge burp, "We just belched t'gether." Then she patted her ginormous fat belly. "Thanks fer reachin' a thousand pounds with me."

"Anytime, AJ," said Rainbow with a smile and a hiccup, "Anything to help out a friend."

They then happily hugged each other with the squishy and squeezy pressures on their ginormous fat bellies.

Sunset smiled and got emotionally proud of them. "That was some sweet victory," she said as she wiped out a few tears in her eyes.

- The End

*Note: I've been asked by Neon to post his illustrations for him so it won't get some people confused with his Applejack story.
safe1583347 artist:neongothic158 applejack159579 rainbow dash220549 sunset shimmer57371 fanfic:a 1000 pound cowgirl?!? i don't think so!4 equestria girls182464 amplejack129 applefat507 appleshimmer200 bbw3941 belly24968 belly button68619 bingo wings1782 chubby cheeks3206 double chin1489 fat20129 female1165872 illustration314 impossibly large belly9247 lesbian90526 morbidly obese7019 near immobile224 obese10430 polyamory6279 rainblob dash732 shipping184105 ssbbw1510 story included8072 sunsetdash126 weight gain3699


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This is honestly one of my favourite pieces from you, I just wish you did more of the girls at this size, the flabby faces are just so cute!
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