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A commission for Not-Immortal Thank you!!
safe (1501176) artist:sugar morning (949) oc (566233) oc only (385122) oc:blu skies (38) oc:chaser (7) oc:red sands (7) oc:seasprite (9) oc:sierra summit (50) original species (20224) pegasus (212568) plane pony (1239) pony (778361) a-10 thunderbolt ii (163) beach (11728) beach party (1) cottage (112) forest (8185) happy (25660) lake (1306) mi-24 (19) oc x oc (11894) p-3 orion (10) plane (2403) ponies (221) ruin (44) shipping (174215) swimming (1563) water (10385) water fight (13)


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@Background Pony #E1C4
Chaser is modified to deal with salt-water, Sierra is converted for naval activities, and SeaSprite is a P-7 to begin with. They're not worried about flying for now, and if they feel like taking off anytime soon, they'll give themselves some time to drain their engines.
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Background Pony #65AF
Are those plane ponies rust proof? Not only that, will they be able to fly since their engines were submerged?
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