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Artist's Description

Techincally both Bubbles are in this picture.. it's kind suppose to be Imago mourning for the Bubble that was lost…
semi-grimdark29005 artist:askbubblelee1434 oc653083 oc only431922 oc:bubble lee706 oc:imago541 anthro249369 unguligrade anthro46093 anthro oc29063 beach14165 clothes441224 fire11012 funeral204 funeral pyre3 mourning66 night25153 rear view11266 see-through4998 silhouette2425


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Background Pony #02B4
I used to love jacking off to anthro bubble lee fanarts. But after I found out she was actually a changeling it just ruined the whole experience for me. I felt dirty, violated, as if what I was jacking off too was a complete lie. I'll never be able to jack off to her ever again.

So….i'm reading the tags and looking at the imagine and……yeah i cannot see how most of them are applying do to how dark the imagine is.