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safe1689605 artist:mickeymonster550 applejack168477 discord30678 fluttershy210893 pinkie pie214597 rainbow dash232069 rarity180253 twilight sparkle298375 draconequus11308 earth pony242401 pegasus285285 pony951277 unicorn316114 cute197347 female1347546 mane six31671 mare472752 simple background387656 sleeping23222 unicorn twilight16889 white background96176 why can't i hold all these x36 zzz2402


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Background Pony #B1CB
This picture is still fresh in my mind, one that I think all true MLP fans are waiting for, one day—a snugglefest between the Mane Six and Discord, all together, with Discord as the center piece. That would be a beautiful moment.