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suggestive140661 artist:pia-sama1668 apple bloom48961 spike78238 dragon55170 earth pony241801 anthro256028 plantigrade anthro31805 comic:rogue diamond514 barefoot27117 bedroom eyes58468 big breasts80375 bow28017 breasts272855 busty apple bloom1725 clothes452735 comic107904 curvy6526 dialogue64404 feet39125 female1346025 flirting1447 hair bow15221 hourglass figure1441 legs8121 mare471865 older26209 older apple bloom2063 older spike5188 smiling243126 smirk12254 speech bubble22839 stupid sexy apple bloom154 sweat25842 sweatdrop3118 thighs12963 toes6189 underboob3850


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Background Pony #C2BF
Why can't you find girls like this in real life?

More seriously, does Apple Bloom seem a little — blunt, to anyone else?