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People asked for the SFW of this, so… Here you go!
suggestive142761 alternate version45210 artist:pusspuss642 sweetie belle48973 pony964903 unicorn321981 adorable distress550 bondage33638 clumsy199 colored pupils9688 cute199342 dock49816 female1360380 filly66439 floppy ears52191 frog (hoof)12908 microphone5033 plot78768 raised tail15285 self bondage236 solo1061985 solo female179477 stuck2614 tail27632 tangled up343 underhoof51974


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#1 Sweetie-Do-Well fan
The weird thing is that you can't really have a sfw version of an image like this. Now instead of lewd it's just suggestive, still draws attention to Sweetie's ass, and that hairless part of her tail looks like part of a cock. One has to put some work into pretending this is sfw.
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Did people actually ask for a SFW version of this?

I mean to each their own. People like different things. It just kinda strikes me as surprising someone would be more eager to see the safe version of a hentai picture. I thought those usually only existed as the version an artist would put on thumbnails or to get around rules against explicitness.

Wand of Inferno
Imo I see this lewd because of the dock, it's a very well one too, but if it combined the coat maybe this wouldn't look that lewd.
I wonder if artist removed the dock, would this look safe?
Anyway, it's cute.
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That's is my fetishes.
Artist did say "SWF" but you're right, This might be suggestive if you look at it that way…

Feel free to change the tag if you feel confident with it.