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No mercy for the weak.
That's what she always said to us before our hunts. At first I thought it was an odd thing to say, until today when I found that broken unicorn.

It was a hot, summery day in the "quiet" Everfree forest and it’s a time for a juvenile Changeling start our first hunts for the deliciously taste of love. It’s my chance to challenge myself and prove to my Queen that I’m part of the hive. So far, I’ve come across a snake, a bunny, a baby bird and baby squirrel. Delicious, but nothing but mere appetizer I need something better, something a bit bigger and a major challenge!

And, right on cue, my answer was, somewhat, given. Somewhat.

I was high up in the trees, as a tiny critter, to hear the playful sounds of young ones. Young ponies to be precise. There were three of them, two females with one male and they all seem to be unicorns, judging by the fact they’re using magic to levitate a ball around.

Now, this is interesting.

But I have take only one out, with only three around somebody will notice something was off. So I followed them passing from tree to tree as these tiny ponies still play the same boring game of passing the ball into the forest.
The Queen and many other older Changlings would tell us stories of these creatures and our conquest of taking their love. They always seem to facinate us and get us to shut up for a while. But it was mostly the taste of their love that get us going. My Queen would rather describe it as delicately sweet as a peach. That definitely made our mouths water. Well, everyone except that dingus Thorax. Out of all the changelings in the hive to be the most divergent it had to be him. Playing with dolls, skipping combat sessions and not the least interested into feeding off of love. No wonder everyone picks on him, but I couldn’t let that happen to him. He’s part of the hive after all and he still is teachable to get over his wussy ways. And if this hunt goes well, I’ll teach him.

As I still watch from up above, I thought they were gonna go on forever with this stupid game, until their ball, thankfully, came rolling into this big cave like structure. The green coated unicorn was crying to see her ball gone. She turn to her friend, who was a dark magenta like coat and magenta Mohawk like mane, indicateing that she must go get the ball. With no hesitation the magenta unicorn goes in and I follow in pursuit as a fly. My initial idea of a trap was to get in front of her capture her do the usual of taking her love, then her friends follow suit, replay then done….only. I didn’t predict a big starry bear to be here!
They say an Ursa Minor is just a cub, an innocent baby. Well this baby was mad that someone barge into their home turf. With a huge roar, I was ready to bolt out of here as it raised it’s paw up in the air ready to slash. But..
Just then I heard a small sound of a crack coming from behind. The unicorn fell on the ground. A piece of her broken horn fell by her with bits of blood dripping off of her. She’s wounded. Helpless. A perfect prize.
…What am I doing? Did I told myself I live for a challenge? Well, there it is, with a prize to boot!
The bear took a sniff at her before buzzed down transforming into my true form, fangs, holes and everything. With one look at the bear, I hissed at it’s face.

”Back off! She’s mine!” I hissed

Aaahh! This the best I can do as a writing style. Then again. No body cares.

I wanted make an AU of a younger Pharynx meeting(capturing) a young Tempest and getting the Ursa away from her.

I know I know. I’m obsessed. I don’t care!

Pharynyx and Tempest © Hasbro and DHX
semi-grimdark27901 artist:fallenangel5414169 fizzlepop berrytwist8878 pharynx885 tempest shadow15789 changeling41258 pony856504 unicorn273809 alternate universe9527 blood22597 broken horn12974 crack shipping3472 female1192922 filly59878 implied ursa minor3 protecting509 shipping184531 story included8096 tempynx18


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