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Yes. Tempest has triplets( they were gonna be quintuplets, but I didn’t like the last two’s designs). Yes. I’m a maniac. And yeah, their names are based off of bugs.
Will think of backgrounds later.

Cicada, Xenica, and Mantis are designed by me
Pharynx and Tempest © Hasbro and DHX
safe1602590 artist:fallenangel5414170 fizzlepop berrytwist8978 pharynx909 tempest shadow16037 oc618065 oc:cicada12 oc:mantis10 oc:xenica1 changedling7569 changeling42211 changepony925 pony870980 unicorn279897 crack shipping3498 crying40595 eyes closed82955 female1274890 interspecies21078 interspecies offspring6335 mare433764 next generation5778 offspring34749 parent:pharynx153 parent:tempest shadow2113 parents:tempynx8 prince pharynx653 shipping186529 simple background355365 tears of joy2199 tempynx18 white background88904


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