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safe1617484 artist:uotapo910 princess celestia91252 sunset shimmer58975 alicorn206462 pony885164 unicorn285971 equestria girls187866 blushing182887 burger1711 clothes426764 cropped46759 crown15173 cute186579 eating9003 eyes closed84248 food64410 glowing horn17747 happy28867 hay1476 homesick shimmer260 hoof shoes4577 horn52387 jacket11390 jewelry55427 leather jacket3037 magic68528 open mouth130146 peytral3011 regalia17734 shimmerbetes4115 standing10960 sunset wants her old digestive system back40 telekinesis25667 uotapo is trying to murder us170


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Background Pony #7FDD
I like to imagine her storming into the pet store, absolutely livid that their hay is of poor quality, and hesitant to reveal what makes her an expert on that.