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safe1787156 artist:uotapo983 princess celestia97901 sunset shimmer66066 alicorn239351 pony1098248 unicorn357789 equestria girls212096 blushing210255 burger1992 clothes489437 cropped51574 crown18688 cute210294 eating10192 eyes closed101766 food75216 glowing horn21358 happy33033 hay1663 homesick shimmer280 hoof shoes6096 horn84171 jacket13804 jewelry72188 leather jacket3903 magic77318 open mouth161884 peytral4016 regalia22102 shimmerbetes4541 standing13755 sunset wants her old digestive system back42 telekinesis29607 uotapo is trying to murder us181


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Background Pony #7FDD
I like to imagine her storming into the pet store, absolutely livid that their hay is of poor quality, and hesitant to reveal what makes her an expert on that.