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safe1572831 alternate version33753 artist:yakovlev-vad440 fluttershy197432 rainbow dash219040 dragon48041 pegasus238805 pony843810 armor21623 castle1658 crossover57004 dovahshy105 duo49327 duo female7600 female897006 helmet9928 mare414450 mountain4421 saddle bag5199 scenery7184 skyrim1049 sword10590 the elder scrolls1305 tree27404 weapon27161


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Background Pony #66FD
So then, what would Rainbow's Skyrimified name be called if she's supposed to be Lydia?
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Um, the source says this is yakolev-vad, I goggle translated the description he wrote and it doesn't seem to mention ponykillerx at all. I'm replacing the artist tags for now.
Background Pony #2E01
This image does indeed give me the same skyrim feels as the games scenery does ,very well done