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Summer Gals 2018 Pack!
It is summer break, the temperatures are high, and our favorite gals are trying to dodge the heat!
8 cuties + Edits!
An All-"Barely <3 Legal" Pack! >:3

It will be on sale through E-Junkie, or through Paypal.
Various cuties trying to enjoy the summer, in all their HD goodness! :3

suggestive145458 artist:dragk1090 scootaloo51583 anthro264522 art pack1120 belly button79445 bra16179 breasts283333 clothes467060 daisy dukes1416 female1381102 food71474 green underwear1061 ice cream5116 looking at you172060 midriff19570 open fly259 pads33 panties50840 popsicle1113 shoes37581 shorts14225 sitting64366 sneakers5107 solo1077878 unbuttoned253 underboob3999 underwear61643 wings111287


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Praise the SunButt \[T]/
I thought this was a pay-what-you-want pack. Isn't $10 a bit too high?

Hi! Really sorry it wasn't a PWYW, sadly, that's how i value all the time it took me to make.
It's not like i live rent free.
I might eventually post the pics publicly.
Thank you for your concern. :D